Price: $100

Seller: Micah Hostetler
State: Arkansas
City: Farmington
Zip code: 63640
Type: Home styling

Here is an add for a Brand new, Custom Cedar Log bed built with Missouri cedar logs. They have been thoroughly dried and come with a high quality Lacquer finish that will last for many years with normal use. We can custom make your bed to your specs and most customizations come at no extra charge. For example, do you have an extra thick mattress but don't want an extra tall bed? Not problem. We will lower the mattress for you. Or the opposite, We can raise it as high as you want!
We build these beds right here in Southeast Missouri. We do not import anything. Everything is solid wood and everything you buy from us has a 5 year warranty. These beds are held together by lag bolts and the mattress is supported by 2x4 slats, not 1x's like so many other beds out there. The head/foot boards are glued together and when you add all these things together you get a very solid bed that will last for many years. We have night stands available for $100 and the dressers start at $350.
This is a limited time offer as I am selling at these prices only until I find the right dealer for the St Louis area so don't wait too long, even if you don't need it until this fall or winter. You can reserve it now and this price is good until you need the bed, but only if you order now!
We also build dressers, chests, night stands, dining tables as well as about any other furniture you can think of and if we don't have it we will custom build it for you and it's not that expensive. We are a local, hometown business that tries to make all our furniture as affordable at all possible without skimping on the quality.
Give me a call at (573) 631- with any requests or questions.
You can also visit our facebook page at
Have a wonderful week, Micah